We ordered a farmhouse table from Arcadian Cottage and it's my favorite piece of furniture in the house!

                                                                                                                                                              ~N. Puangsuvan

Handmade Craftsmanship

All of our wood furnishings are handmade in our small workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. Our craftsmanship is based on the techniques of how fine furniture makers have been building wood furniture for hundreds of years. With just the use of a table saw and a few small powered hand tools, we are able to create original, distinct pieces that will stand the test of time. 

Our Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

We are most recognized for our reclaimed barn wood furniture. We use weathered lumber salvaged from historic barns and buildings from across the United States. We work with several suppliers to find the best reclaimed wood for our furniture and we hand select and inspect each board to insure its quality and durability. The majority of the reclaimed barn wood used is from trees farmers would find on their land in construction of their barns and buildings. This old wood is not like what you find in today's lumber yard as it came from older slower growth trees which produced tighter grains making for a more harder wood. Additionally, because of its age, wear and exposure to the elements, reclaimed barn wood is the perfect wood to use for furniture to ensure its continued longevity. Due to great craftsmanship and the quality of the lumber, numerous historic old barns across the United States remain standing today. 

Because we don’t use heavy equipment to build our furniture, we are able to preserve the natural characteristics of the old wood which make our furnishings very unique. We hand sand each board with a small palm sander to preserve the character of the wood while also ensuring it is smooth to the touch without any rough surfaces or splinters. 

Our Finishes

We use natural wax finishes on all of our furniture. It is a blend of beeswax and carnauba wax (made from the leaves of the Carnauba palm tree) and it has been used by fine furniture craftsman for hundreds of years for its superior finish.

This wax beautifully complements our reclaimed wood furniture which results in a historic, dimensional finish. Unlike other wood stains, lacquer and polyurethanes which sit flat on the wood’s surface and hides the wood's character. A wax finish along with our application process brings out the natural patina in the old wood highlighting the uniqueness of the wood’s tone, grain texture and all the great nooks, crannies, knot and nail holes that will tell its own story in each of our furniture pieces. 

Got Milk Paint!  

Milk paint has been used for centuries and has been made using various natural ingredients.  In America, milk paint is most distinguished with Colonial times when people could easily mix colored pigment with the milk and lime they had from their farm. The colors of this paint is easily recognized in furniture of colonial and Shaker furniture makers and would later be used on the classic American red barn. 

We use The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co.’s paint on our furniture which is great because it is a green paint and also non-toxic. We recently starting using CeCe Caldwell’s paints. The paint is also nontoxic and made with clay and chalk minerals. The line has some rich modern and fun colors and offers the same effects as milk paint. We are also happy to be supporting a local company that makes its paint in Arizona!

These paints give our furnishings an old vintage look especially when we like to add some distressing.  We frequently complete the look by applying one of our wax finishes which helps to not only protect the paint but truly enhances the color and texture of our furnishings. Paint colors will be brightened with a clear wax and can change considerably when using a wax stain.


We choose quality hardware for our furnishings and many pieces are hand forged in the United States or imported from Europe. We also use reclaimed, iron square-head nails to add an additional historic touch to our table tops and some of our other reclaimed wood furniture.  






We are happy to provide wood finish and paint samples upon the purchase of one of our tables or large furniture pieces. We'll work with you to select the finishes of your choice and we can match up paint samples as well. Whether you want a really rustic look with a lot of character or more of a smooth finish for a more modern look - or something in between, we'll make sure you are happy with your finish choices prior to completing your piece. 


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